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A River Front Development Group (RFDG) built home is the best way to the home of your dreams

because it’s more than just a quality built home...It’s a smarter, faster way to build

your new home-It’s a way of making sure your new home is designed and built on your terms. It’s a way

to ensure your vision and options come together within your timeframe and your budget. Our

homes pass rigorous national standards, uses only experienced, committed craftsmen, and eliminate

the delays, variables and inconsistencies of using multiple subcontractors. ENERGY STAR 


certifications assures you the quality you’ve come to expect and will enjoy for years to



We are committed to understanding our impact on the world and the people in it.  Our three main areas of focus are our products, our operations and our communities.  We consider ourselves to be an environmentally and socially responsible organization, and each area of our organization presents unique opportunities for us to embody our core values as we grow. They are manufactured in compliance with certified Energy Star partnership and are ready to be rated by our consultant: Certified Energy Raters who will meet with RFDG and you to review Energy Star options and cost savings based on your individual floor plans, blueprints and customization  features.  These services cover the three essential steps to complete a Blue Label Energy Star home: the pre-plan design review, Grey Label inspection at the Excel manufacturing site and Green Label on-site testing for final Energy Star certification. 


A Green Home helps conserve natural resources and creates less material waste.


A Green Home may improve the quality of the air you breathe, which, studies show, can make you more productive.


A Green Home can increase your home’s value and give you an edge when you’re ready to sell! 


Military Appreciation:


Any past or present member of the United States Military gets a $2,000 credit towards options or upgrades as a thank you for serving our country.  Present your military ID when you order your new home.

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